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1. To increase the amount, number, or degree of.
2. To breed or propagate.

Patient discussion about multiply

Q. can one be allergic to multiply things and react the same?

A. if you are allergic to something that means you have a tendency to develop allergies. Your body can decide to react in the same way to other things too. It can also manifest in other way- depends on the allergen. If it's airborne, could get to bronchi and cause asthma, or to the nasal cavity and cause sneezing and mucus. Or if can cause irritation by touch. Any way, the answer is yes:)

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The IMMAP DigiCon: Power of X, Digital Multiplied is riding the digital wave with ten tracks, all meant to pump everything digital into the veins of mainstream.
However, the president immediately realized his grave error, corrected himself and apologized for using the wrong expression and said that how Christ multiplied the fish and loaves, art should be multiplied, Huffington Post reports.
The acquisition of Sports Multiplied is part of a strategy to conquer the US market, which 2XU plans to achieve by setting up a US unit called 2XU North America LLC.
14-Layer 50-Layer 5-Layer (a) (b)(Core (c)(Core ASTM (Un-multiplied Multiplied Multiplied Property Test Core) 4x) 16x) Tensile D882-02 3,596 3,865 4,655 Strength, psi Elongation at D882-02 601 689 762 break, % Tear D1922- 0-433 0-642 0-636 Resistance, lb 06a Impact D3420- 0-286 0-391 0-357 Resistance, 95 joules (a) Five-layer polyethylene structure without layer multiplication: outer cling layers plus core consisting of linear low density polyethylene layers with hexene, butene, and hexene co-monomer side chains.
MATH: Momentum is equal to an object's mass multiplied by its velocity.
Option 3: The owner has the option of paying the tenant a stipend equal to the difference between the tenant's current rent and an amount to be calculated by using the demolition stipend chart, per room per month, multiplied by the actual number of rooms in the tenant's housing accommodation, but no less than three rooms.
Of course not, unless you can do the arithmetic: 1 mile equals 5,280 feet, multiplied by 12 (for 12 inches in every foot) for 63,360 inches.
They divided it by 10's to get smaller units and multiplied it by 10's to get larger lengths.
When I served on the admissions subcommittees and later on the Comprehensive Exam Committee, I was able to have the exam problems structured so that examinees who multiplied factors also got the "school solutions," which at the time were found by adding percentages.
Computed as $1,000 multiplied by 15 percent--as under Sec.
For example, the failure to properly credit employees one-half hour per day for time spent performing a government function could mushroom into millions of dollars of liability when that one-half hour is multiplied by the number of employees performing the function and by the number of days the function was performed over a period of 2 to 3 years.
In lieu of substantiating the actual amount of a driver's deductible transportation expenses, an amount is deemed substantiated equal to the number of miles traveled multiplied by the business standard mileage rate.