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1. To increase the amount, number, or degree of.
2. To breed or propagate.
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Q. can one be allergic to multiply things and react the same?

A. if you are allergic to something that means you have a tendency to develop allergies. Your body can decide to react in the same way to other things too. It can also manifest in other way- depends on the allergen. If it's airborne, could get to bronchi and cause asthma, or to the nasal cavity and cause sneezing and mucus. Or if can cause irritation by touch. Any way, the answer is yes:)

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Marc Auge argues that contemporary non-lieux (motorways, airports, shopping centers, international hotels) are unrelated to the surrounding space, anonymous and multipliable ad infinitnm--precisely the reverse of Magris's microcosms which are, instead, unique, stratified and rooted in the territory.
Photography and film are technical reproductions which undermine the notion of "original," and which switch the focus of interest from the work as a singularity that physically retains the creator's touch to a vision of the work as a multipliable and liberated piece which removes distinctions between original and copy, between early and late, between here and there and therefore, Benjamin suggests, removes distinctions between creator and audience.