multiple trauma

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multiple trauma

Serious injury to two or more regions of the body.
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multiple trauma,

n a number of injuries sustained during the same accident or assault.
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A total of 318 cases of multiple trauma within a 4-year period were available from the trauma registry.
17) determined that between 1 and 5 consultations were requested for 50 out of 57 patients and that this consultation number increased further in patients who had multiple traumas (43.
In addition, surgeons may need to evaluate the existence of preoperative SEH by MRI in multiple trauma cases, even if patients do not have neurologic symptoms.
3%) had multiple traumas, APACHE IV score higher than 50 was seen in 55.
Progress in care and treatment of multiple trauma patients during the last twenty years.
Paul McMahon, MD, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, and a team of international researchers analyzed blood levels of GFAP-BDP from patients ages 16 to 93 years treated at multiple trauma centers for suspected TBI.
Oblu" Emergency Clinical Hospital Iasi, with bilateral paresthesias of lower limbs and urinary incontinence after multiple trauma caused by a free fall from 3 meters height, 48 hours ago.
It covers general concepts in wound healing, physical and chemical injuries, surgical infections, soft tissue and bone injuries, fractures, phlebothrombosis and embolism, complications of fracture healing and treatment, and joint injuries, and specific cranial, spinal, thoracic, pelvic, abdominal, and lower and upper extremity injuries, as well as multiple trauma and first aid.
Tokyo, July 22, 2013 - (ACN Newswire) - Severe damage to the large vessels from multiple trauma or accidental complications in surgery can cause exsanguinating hemorrhage leading to death.
1%) died as result of hemorrhagic shock (n=8), respiratory distress (n=3) and severe multiple trauma (n=2).
Five patients -- all Bangladeshis -- were received at Al Noor Hospital and four of them sustained multiple trauma in the upper and lower limbs including hand, arm and foot fractures, superficial lacerated wounds and trunk injury.

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