multiple trauma

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multiple trauma

Serious injury to two or more regions of the body.
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multiple trauma,

n a number of injuries sustained during the same accident or assault.
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TABLE 2 Reason for admission divided into three critical care categories Postoperative Multiple trauma Medical pathology Neurosurgery (7) Head trauma (26) Congestive heart failure (1) General surgery (18) Thoracic (9) Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (1) Thoracic surgery (8) Abdominopelvic (6) Stroke (2) Maxillofacial Skeletal (13) Intracranial surgery (5) bleeding (4) Plastic surgery (1) Vascular surgery (3) Urology (7) Number of patients presenting with each pathology is shown in parentheses.
Another major difference was percentage of multiple trauma.
1) had longer average LOS than did other patients in the general major multiple trauma category (mean LOS = 25.
Patients may be referred for rehabilitation services with a variety of diagnoses, including stroke, spinal cord injury, brain injury, multiple trauma, orthopedic disorders, arthritis, multiple medical problems, and chronic pain.
Lease with option to purchase 22 units of ICU beds for patients with multiple trauma, extensive burns and neurological U.
Paramedics treated an 18-year-old woman for multiple trauma injuries.
A post-mortem showed Mr Feeney died from multiple trauma injuries consistent with a fall.
Total-body scans for patients with multiple trauma took 2-3 hours only a few years ago, and now take less than 5 minutes with four-detector CT technology.
Among those who will remain under the care of a doctor are patients with chest pains, tendon injuries, multiple trauma case and patients who need treatment but are drunk.
This was attributed to the higher percentage of patients with multiple trauma in the HC compared to the CE The ISS is determined by severity of injury to seven separate body systems; the more systems injured, the higher the score.
He had severe head injuries and was suffering from multiple trauma.
For the past 16 years, Paradigm has specialized in the management of injured people who have sustained complex brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, severe or complex burns, multiple trauma or chronic pain.

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