multiple neuroma

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(noo-ro'ma) [ neuro- + -oma]
Former term for any type of tumor composed of nerve cells. Classification is now made with respect to the specific portion of the nerve involved. See: ganglioneuroma; neurilemmomaneuromatous ('ma-tus), adjective

acoustic neuroma

A benign tumor of the eighth cranial nerve. The symptoms may include hearing loss, balance disturbances, pain, headache, and tinnitus.

amputation neuroma

Neuroma occurring on the nerves of a stump after amputation.

amyelinic neuroma

Neuroma composed principally of unmyelinated nerve fibers.

appendiceal neuroma

Neuroma found in the mucosa and submucosa of the appendix.

neuroma cutis

Neuroma in the skin.

cystic neuroma

Neuroma with cystic formations.

false neuroma

A tumor arising from the connective tissue of nerves, including the myelin sheath. Synonym: neurofibroma; pseudoneuroma

ganglionated neuroma

Neuroma composed of true nerve cells.

Joplin's neuroma

See: Joplin's neuroma

multiple neuroma


myelinic neuroma

Neuroma composed of medullated nerve fibers.

plexiform neuroma

Neuroma of nerve trunks that appear to be twisted.

neuroma telangiectodes

Neuroma containing an abundance of blood vessels.

traumatic neuroma

An unorganized mass of nerve fibers occurring in wounds or on an amputation stump, resulting after accidental or intentional incision of the nerve.
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