multiple mononeuropathy

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(mon?o-noo-rop'a-the) [ mono- + neuropathy]
Disease of a single nerve.

focal appendicular mononeuropathy

Nerve disease or impairment that affects motor function on the face or limbs. Examples include Bell's palsy, diabetic amyotrophy, median neuropathy (carpal tunnel syndrome), and ulnar neuropathy.

hypertrophic mononeuropathy

A rare peripheral nerve disorder in which a single nerve enlarges (forming a mass) and malfunctions. On biopsy the cells surrounding the damaged nerve are arranged in a diagnostic “onion-bulb” shape.

multiple mononeuropathy

Mononeuritis multiplex.
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The most prevalent type of neural impairment was sensory and motor multiple mononeuropathy that was present in approximately 40% of cases, followed by sensory and motor simple mononeuropathy with 24.7% of cases.
The most prevalent type of neural impairment was the sensory and motor multiple mononeuropathy, and the most affected nerve was the ulnar.
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