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multiple factors


multiple genes

genes that collectively produce a particular characteristic, such as height in humans.
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A commercial firm is planning to use it to introduce multiple genes into potatoes to make them more resistant to late blight, which is caused by a fungus-like organism.
Researchers found mutations in multiple genes associated with bone growth, some of which have never been described before.
The researchers found that while a complicated mix of multiple genes and alterations as well as environmental conditions all contribute to glaucoma, the most common risk factor among all is having a thin cornea.
According to the report, the large share of this segment can be attributed to the potential advantage of CRISPR is its ability to multiplex, that is, to use multiple guide RNAs in parallel to target multiple sites simultaneously in the same cell, making it easier to mutate multiple genes at once or engineer precise deletions in a genomic region.
"This wide range suggests that oxalate concentration is a complex trait controlled by multiple genes, each with a small effect among the tested spinach varieties.
Multiple genes can be involved including electron transfer flavoprotein (EiF), ETF dehydrogenase, and riboflavin transporter and metabolizing (riboflavin kinase and flavin adenine dinucleotide synthase) genes.
Today, tests involve analyzing multiple genes to determine the risk of developing certain more common diseases such as heart disease and cancer.
Researchers have documented many cases in which multiple genes each affect a trait a little bit.
Common disorders such as coronary artery disease (CAD) and hypertension are believed to result from the effects of multiple genes, and in each gene, there can be many different subtle variations.
Recognizing this difficulty in characterizing DS repair functional status by examination of multiple genes with potentially variable effect sizes, integrative biomarkers were sought that would potentially encompass multiple genes and multiple dysfunctional mechanisms.
Some types of cardiovascular conditions can be inherited, some of which may be due to multiple genes, making genetic testing quite complicated or impossible.
Beisel's team was able to introduce both individual CRISPR RNAs, and groups of CRISPR RNAs that were chained together, allowing them to target multiple genes at the same time.

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