multiple factors

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multiple factors


multiple genes

genes that collectively produce a particular characteristic, such as height in humans.
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Researchers compared multiple factors to make the list.
The Executive Board of the Central Bank of Tunisia (BCT) meeting Wednesday, June 25, 2014, recalled in a statement the rising risks on internal and external financial balances with the continuing deterioration of the situation in the external sector which could further deteriorate in the coming months alongside the return of inflationary pressures due to multiple factors including higher labor costs, lower productivity and upward trend in prices of imported products.
However, the overall improvement in the UAE economy is a result of multiple factors which is driving the confidence.
MSCI has published a series of research papers that describe the financial science behind factor-based investing and the effects of diversifying across multiple factors, as well as explaining various use cases for factor indexes by institutional investors considering factor allocations.
6 determines the path by taking into account multiple factors such as resource availability and latency of the network links.
concerns that Lebanon's stability is being challenged by multiple factors, including spillover effects from Syria and a lack of internal consensus in favor of maintaining constitutional norms.
He said that textile was the mainstay of the national economy but due to multiple factors, it is facing a crisis due to prevailing economic financial, industrial situation as well as energy issues, high bank mark-up rate, shortage of raw material and law-and-order situation.
The overall discussion focused towards the multiple factors and associated risks related to coronary artery disease and cardiac mortality.
At the moment they have multiple factors to contend with including Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD),Varroa and Acarive mites, Nosema fungus, Hive beetle (from the USA in 1998), wax moths and 10 different types of viruses, all of which affect the life span and cycle of the bee.
Pre-eclampsia is a frequent syndrome and its cause has been linked to multiple factors, making prevention of the syndrome a continuous challenge.
The multiple factors influencing a student's decision to leave college make it difficult to directly correlate students' alcohol use to the ability to succeed in college.
This price increase is driven by multiple factors in the market, but mainly by continued increasing costs of our raw materials said the company.

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