multiple amputation

mul·ti·ple am·pu·ta·tion

amputation of two or more limbs or parts of limbs performed during the same operation.
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The multiple amputation rate was 65%, and the likelihood of multiple digit amputation was greater than that of single digit amputation in amputee burn patients.
Despite having a multiple amputation at five months old, Connor made an amazing recovery.
The surgeon had never done a multiple amputation before.
He then endured multiple amputations without anything to dull the pain.
I think for grave injuries, like multiple amputations, loss of sight, dapat dagdagan pa natin, gawing P1 million.
Purpura fulminans: functional results in two paediatric patients after suffering multiple amputations [in Spanish].
The worst cases can involve multiple amputations or death by multiple organ failure.
One in 10 will die and 25% of survivors are left with life-altering disabilities ranging from multiple amputations and deafness to brain damage, devastating families and costing millions in treatment and life-long support.
Young men--18,19, and 20 years old--missing limbs, many with multiple amputations, most with mild to severe brain injuries, and PTSD .
What I saw I will never forget; multiple amputations, disfigured faces, wrecked bodies and grievous wounds suffered by men so very young.
Patients with higher anatomic levels and/or multiple amputations had markedly increased costs for inpatient surgery and pharmacy but lower outpatient costs, possibly because in the VHA system, a longer period of recovery and rehabilitation occurs in the inpatient setting for these patients.
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