multiple amputation

mul·ti·ple am·pu·ta·tion

amputation of two or more limbs or parts of limbs performed during the same operation.
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The multiple amputation rate was 65%, and the likelihood of multiple digit amputation was greater than that of single digit amputation in amputee burn patients.
Despite having a multiple amputation at five months old, Connor made an amazing recovery.
"The surgeon had never done a multiple amputation before.
After a bacteria entered her system, a woman from Ohio reportedly had to undergo through multiple amputations and may even need to undergo more surgeries.
Those (and their caregivers) living with Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, chronic pain, multiple amputations, paralysis, spina bifida, Alzheimer's, traumatic brain issues, mental illness, and a host of other challenges are waiting in the wings to learn what the state next deems as "viable."
He then endured multiple amputations without anything to dull the pain.
'I think for grave injuries, like multiple amputations, loss of sight, dapat dagdagan pa natin, gawing P1 million.
Purpura fulminans: functional results in two paediatric patients after suffering multiple amputations [in Spanish].
(8) Review of the data of the Military Orthopaedic Trauma Registry (MOTR) within the Department of Defense Joint Trauma System as of October 1, 2012, found that 1,559 patients with major amputations, defined as a hand, arm, leg, or foot, had been treated at military treatment facilities, including 481 with multiple amputations and 272 with upper extremity amputations.
The worst cases can involve multiple amputations or death by multiple organ failure.
One in 10 will die and 25% of survivors are left with life-altering disabilities ranging from multiple amputations and deafness to brain damage, devastating families and costing millions in treatment and life-long support.
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