multiple alcohol

mul·ti·ple al·co·hol

an alcohol containing more than one OH group.
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For the last five years, the team has concentrated its efforts on creating a re-enablement service for such individuals, many of whom are at rock bottom and are often "revolving door" patients, having multiple alcohol related admissions to hospital every year.
Effects of ignition interlock license restrictions on drivers with multiple alcohol offenses: A random trial in Maryland.
Those aged 55-plus are less likely to make multiple alcohol purchases in a month, but they are more likely to display moderate spending habits, with 26.7 percent spending $20 to $24.99, more than any other age group.
Effects of multiple alcohol deprivations on operant ethanol self-administration by high-alcohol-drinking replicate rat lines.
* Have proper equipment ready (NaCl flushes, multiple alcohol swabs, Clorahexadine swabs, medications.)
Effects of the alcohol ignition interlock license restrictions on multiple alcohol offenders: A randomized trial in Maryland.
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