Having many nodes.
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As for guanandi, PVP was efficient in avoiding oxidation in the case of calluses of Eucalyptus tereticornis (Subbaiah and Minocha, 1990), in various types of explants of Pouteria lucuma (Jordan and Oyanedel, 1992) and in multinodal segments of Leucadendron (Suarez et al.
Various issue domains cross-cut each other and a multitude of actors emerge on such a supranational scene (previously strictly reserved for governmental actors) of multinodal politics (2) which may be understood also as a relative disarmament of public authorities.
These effects were demonstrated in the context of multinodal equivalence classes with a linear series nodal structure.
The combat cloud's multinodal and amorphous nature makes it susceptible to injections of corrupt or malicious data.
As BYOD takes hold with multinodal mobile device use by all kinds of end users, the flexibility for more efficiently exchanging information and conversation in different modes becomes more practical.
The contract was awarded by the US Army Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center (TARDEC), as part of the multinodal interface for natural operator teaming with autonomous robots (MINOTAUR) project.
Se plantea que el dilema autonomia versus institucionalizacion ha sido trascendido, en gran medida, pues desde el ano 2000 se puede observar un panorama multinodal de los feminismos, a partir de los Foros Sociales Mundiales y en el marco de la ampliacion y la profundizacion del concepto de los derechos humanos de las mujeres.
They show that airline pricing strategies can become complicated in the context of multinodal networks involving focal and adjacent airport pairs.
This pro-developer, exchange-value orientation of public transit expansion helped to shape a hierarchical, multinodal urban form suited to the differential locational needs of large corporate employers for both central locations and a variety of siting options for lower-rent back-office operations in the region (Ibid).
Problematizing the concept of "trade diaspora," coined by Abner Cohen and popularized by Philip Curtin, Aslanian instead typifies the multinodal, monocentric network of the New Julfan Armenians, pace Claude Markovits, as a "circulation society" consisting of six elements: whereas priests, women, and especially information, crucial to the maintenance of the identity integrity of the network, circulated exclusively within the network, merchants, commodities (most notably silk), and credit needed to circulate and mingle with coexisting (even competing) trade networks due to the exigencies of commercial life and its rules (13).
The national military strategy of 2011 describes a multinodal world characterized more by interest-driven coalitions based on diplomatic, military, and economic power as opposed to security competition between opposing forces.
He argues that whereas the multinodal system is based on power asymmetries, it is not hierarchical.