Having many nodes.
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In previous studies, when the simultaneous protocol was used to establish 3-, 5-, and 7-member multinodal equivalence classes, the likelihood of class formation was an inverse function of class size (i.e., yield decreased systematically from 55% to 7% of the participants in a group; Buffington et al., 1997; Doran & Fields, 2012; Fields et al, 1995).
Characteristics of pediatric patients with differentiated thyroid cancer at the time of diagnosis (N=45) Category Number (%) Histologic diagnosis (a): Papillary thyroid cancer 39/43 (91) Follicular thyroid cancer 4/43 (9) Capsule infiltration (b): Present 7/23 (30.4) Absent 16/23 (69.6) Lobe involvement (c): Unilobular tumor 19/28 (67.9) Both lobes involved 9/28 (32.1) Focal tumor distribution (d): Unifocal disease 19/29 (65.5) Multinodal disease 10/29 (34.5) Cervical lymph node involvement (e): Present 23/39 (59) Absent 16/39 (41) Distant metastases at diagnosis (f): Total 6/42 (14.3) Lungs only 4/42 (9.5) Lungs and bones 2/42 (4.8) No metastasis 36/42 (85.7) Number of patients with unknown status: (a) 2; (b) 22; (c) 17; (d) 16; (e) 6; (f) 3 Table 2.
Supply commodities may be multimodal and multinodal. By using air, ground, and rail, coupled with the logistics civil augmentation program concept, redundancy is injected into supply operations.
Nesse sentido, o mundo multinodal, tal como e proposto, estaria armado e articulado baseado nas regioes das quais os Estados ainda seriam os atores principais; embora tambem tenham sido consideradas pelo autor outro tipo de instituicao e atores influenciadores potenciais das relacoes assimetricas.
The multinodal cuttings were harvested regularly with the help of sterilized wood cutter.
The ARCN-to-PVN circuit involved in energy homeostasis is directly and tonically controlled by leptin in a multinodal fashion [5].
As for guanandi, PVP was efficient in avoiding oxidation in the case of calluses of Eucalyptus tereticornis (Subbaiah and Minocha, 1990), in various types of explants of Pouteria lucuma (Jordan and Oyanedel, 1992) and in multinodal segments of Leucadendron (Suarez et al., 2010).
Various issue domains cross-cut each other and a multitude of actors emerge on such a supranational scene (previously strictly reserved for governmental actors) of multinodal politics (2) which may be understood also as a relative disarmament of public authorities.
The combat cloud's multinodal and amorphous nature makes it susceptible to injections of corrupt or malicious data.
As BYOD takes hold with multinodal mobile device use by all kinds of end users, the flexibility for more efficiently exchanging information and conversation in different modes becomes more practical.