multimodal therapy

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multimodal therapy

Multimodal treatment Oncology The combination of ≥ 2 therapeutic modalities–eg, RT, chemotherapy, and/or surgery, to treat a disease–eg, cancer. See Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy. Cf Heroic surgery.
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Q. what is the Multimodal Treatment Study... I am very much interested in studying medicine. This interest was rooted in me bcoz of the social interest I have. So I want to know, what is the Multimodal Treatment Study of Children with ADHD?

A. Liam, I found some information here on the National Institute of Mental Health's site:

I hope it helps.

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PBT can be a suitable treatment option for localized PCa as a monotherapy or multimodal therapy for prognosis and quality of life of patients.
The experimental design and assessment of anaesthetic and clinical indices were done in sheep with multimodal therapy of xylazine/propofol (treatment A) and xylazine/ thiopentone sodium (treatment B) using a crossover design with at least two weeks interval between each treatments.
For those who treat ADHD, it is our job to provide education to families about the chronic risks associated with the diagnosis, and the importance of offering multimodal therapy that can address family factors that might be contributing to risks, as well as the child's overall well-being.
"Multimodal therapy is an absolute necessity" in treating an ulcerated IH, said Dr.
Case report of multimodal therapy and review of the literature.
(19) A report of a young African grey parrot with MRSA-associated dermatitis of the skin and tail base was unsuccessfully treated despite aggressive multimodal therapy and repeated negative results of bacterial cultures.
(11) Although several therapies have been shown to help the symptoms of IC/BPS in clinical trials, multimodal therapy may be the most effective approach in dealing with the range of IC symptoms.
The addition of whole abdominopelvic radiation (WAP) to multimodal therapy has resulted in median survival of 37.7 and 48 months; one study found postoperative WAP to be predictive of improvement in 3-year OS [14, 15].
With regard to multimodal therapy for patients with chronic pain, there is some evidence for its effectiveness under clinically representative conditions as well [16-27].
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According to recent trials, multimodal therapy improves the outcome of gastric cancer patients.

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