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Multilingualism is increasingly becoming a common phenomenon even in Europe (Ouane 2003; Skutnabb-Kangas 1995) but it is commoner in Africa in which many find it intrinsic to their language acquisition with two to three languages learnt concomitantly (Gerhardt 1990; Ouane 2009; Prah 2009).
Participants in my research spoke of their multilingualism as fundamentally shaping their identities.
The authors, Blackledge, Creese, and Kaur Takhi, propose that Mikhail Bakhtin's notion of heteroglossia offers potential to expand the concept of multilingualism so as to develop language pedagogy grounded in communication patterns, with social meaning as the starting point.
A consortium, led by the MOSAIC Centre for Research on Multilingualism, has been awarded a grant of almost PS2 million by the Arts and Humanities Research Council to study four of Britain's most diverse cities.
"World Arabic Language Day is an opportunity for us to acknowledge the immense contribution of the Arabic language to universal culture and to renew our commitment to multilingualism. Linguistic diversity is a key component of cultural diversity.
I would like to mention that Communication on Multilingualism is a policy of the E.U which gives the citizens access to legislation, procedures and information of the European Union (EU) in their own language.
The popular MA in Bilingualism and Multilingualism is also available as a distance learning option.
ERIC Descriptors: Academic Achievement; Cognitive Processes; Program Effectiveness; Foreign Countries; Observation; Content Analysis; Bilingualism; Multilingualism; Monolingualism; Mathematics Achievement; Science Achievement; Creativity; Interviews; Questionnaires; Scores; Language Acquisition; Second Language Learning; Play; Children; Language Fluency; Curriculum Design
However, the phenomenon of multilingualism has only established itself as an area of systematic research in language and linguistic studies over the last two decades (Franceschini, 2009: 9), mainly because of an increased awareness of the sociological reality present in most parts of the world, where over 50% of the population is bi- or multilingual and massive immigration has an immediate impact on the number of languages spoken.
Leonard Orban, former EU Commissioner for Multilingualism in the European Commission, is going to be appointed Romanian Minister for the Management of EU Funds.
2008: The Blackwell Guide to Research Methods in Bilingualism and Multilingualism. Oxford: Blackwell, pp.

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