Mixed infection with two or more varieties of microorganisms developing simultaneously.
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La symbiose Rhizobium-lupin: biodiversite des microsymbiontes et mise en evidence d'une multiinfection nodulaire chez Lupinus luteus.
One hundred patients who had clinical manifestations of the typical (papules, crusted nodules, plaques, or noduloulcerative lesions) and atypical (eczematoid, lupoid, nodular, warty, or verrucous, multiinfection, erythematous, diffuse, and volcanic ulcer or mimicking of a malignant lesion) variants of cutaneous lesions formed the basis of this study.
of Lesions Sex y Typical lesions Wet 66 Lip, upper and lower M&F 2 wk-4 extremities, neck, trunk, ears Dry (a) 1 Neck M 0.2 Atypical lesions Dry (a) 1 Legs M 0.3 Volcanic 6 Legs, forearm M&F 0.6-1.1 Verrucous 2 Nose, elbow M&F 0.1&0.2 Nodular 1 Arm M 4 Eczematous 3 Foot, elbow M&F 0.1-0.5 Multiinfection 4 Foot, hand, arms M&F 0.3-0.9 Diffuse 3 Forehand, hand, arm F 0.7-1 Lupoid 4 Left ear, hand, arm M&F 1.2-2 Erythematous 9 Neck, upper and lower M&F 0.2-0.6 extremities, ears, finger, trunk Clinical Cytology, No.