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pertaining to several glands or their secretions.
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Denoting several glands or their secretions.
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(mŭl″tĭ-glănd′ū-lar) [″ + glandula, a little acorn]
Concerning several glands.
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Three false-positive findings in patients with complex multiglandular disease that were classified with SPECT/CT alone remained falsely classified with the additional pinhole imaging.
Current guidelines recommend screening for MEN-1 in patients younger than 30 years who present with primary hyperparathyroidism and for patients of any age who present with multiglandular hyperparathyroidism.
Nine primary conventional neck explorations (14%) were performed for various reasons including previous neck surgery, multinodular struma and suspected multiglandular disease.
Primary hyperparathyroidism is caused by a single gland adenoma in most patients (up to 90%) or multiglandular hyperplasia (10%-15%).
In the case of multiglandular disease, it would be expected that the postresection samples would remain increased, indicating the presence of other hyperfunctioning glands, prompting the surgeon to do further exploration to look for additional abnormal glands.
This has been illustrated in cases of multiglandular disease, for which surgical options have been limited by inadequate preoperative localization.
Twenty patients had a solitary parathyroid adenoma, two patients had double adenomas, and two patients had multiglandular disease.
About 15% of patients with primary hyperparathyroidism have multiglandular disease.
Non-reoperative primary hyperparathyroid patients were further subdivided into patients with uniglandular or multiglandular disease.