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Divided into many clefts or segments.
Synonym(s): multifidus (1)
[L. multifidus, fr. multus, much, + findo, to cleave]

mul·tif·i·dus (mus·cle)

intermediate layer of deepest (transversospinales) muscles of back; origin, from the sacrum, sacroiliac ligament, mammillary processes of the lumbar vertebrae (multifidus lumborum [TA], SYN musculus multifidus lumborum [TA]), transverse processes of thoracic vertebrae (multifidus thoracis [TA], SYN musculus multifidus thoracis [TA], and articular processes of last four cervical vertebrae (multifidus cervicis [TA], SYN musculus multifidus cervicis/colli [TA]); insertion, into the spinous processes of all the vertebrae up to and including the axis; action, rotates vertebral column; nerve supply, posterior rami of spinal nerves.
Synonym(s): musculus multifidus (cervicis/colli, lumborum et thoracis) [TA], musculus multifidus spinae
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The tip of the spinous process of the L4 vertebra was located by palpation, confirmed with a longitudinal scan, and cross-sectional images of the multifidus muscles on the left side of the L4 vertebra were acquired (Figure 1).
Characteristics of the study participants (n=31) Mean[+ or -]SD Range Age (y) 30.7[+ or -]8.5 22-53 Weight (kg) 64.5[+ or -]10.3 47-95 Height (cm) 167.8[+ or -]7.3 153-185 BMI (kg/m2) 22.8[+ or -]2.6 17.36-29.05 WC (cm) 82.4[+ or -]7.3 68-99 HC (cm) 95.5[+ or -]6 84-111 L3 FF (%) 35.05[+ or -]11.02 19.87-64.96 PS FF (%) 3.46[+ or -]1.28 0.56-6.21 ES FF (%) 5.32[+ or -]3.55 1.12-18.85 MF FF (%) 5.39[+ or -]3.29 1.44-19.38 SD, standard deviation; BMI, body mass index; WC, waist circumference; HC, hip circumference; L3, the third lumbar vertebra; FF, fat fraction; PS, psoas major muscle; ES, erector spinae; MF, multifidus muscle.
Ultrasound image-guided exercise programs targeting the multifidus muscle have been found to improve low back pain.
The local muscles are located deeper and include the multifidus, TrA, and IO; these provide stability to the lumbosacral spine [13].
They observed that the surface EMG activities of the longissimus and multifidus muscles during a maximal isometric lumbar extension together with shoulder isometric horizontal abduction were greater by 69% to 84% compared with the maximal isometric lumbar extension alone.
(16) Some authors suggest that the entrapment may be due to spasms of the paraspinal musculature, mainly the multifidus, the scapular stabilizers including the rhomboid and trapezius, or impingement due to degenerative changes in the thoracic spine and/or thoracic herniated discs.
Influence of feedback schedule in motor performance and learning of a lumbar multifidus muscle task using rehabilitative ultrasound imaging: a randomized clinical trial.
"There are numerous muscles that make up the core, the deeper stability muscles (transverse abdominis, multifidus and the pelvic floor muscles) and the larger global muscles (obliques, rectus abdominis and gluteus maximus),' says Holly.