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Divided into many clefts or segments.
Synonym(s): multifidus (1)
[L. multifidus, fr. multus, much, + findo, to cleave]

mul·tif·i·dus (mus·cle)

intermediate layer of deepest (transversospinales) muscles of back; origin, from the sacrum, sacroiliac ligament, mammillary processes of the lumbar vertebrae (multifidus lumborum [TA], SYN musculus multifidus lumborum [TA]), transverse processes of thoracic vertebrae (multifidus thoracis [TA], SYN musculus multifidus thoracis [TA], and articular processes of last four cervical vertebrae (multifidus cervicis [TA], SYN musculus multifidus cervicis/colli [TA]); insertion, into the spinous processes of all the vertebrae up to and including the axis; action, rotates vertebral column; nerve supply, posterior rami of spinal nerves.
Synonym(s): musculus multifidus (cervicis/colli, lumborum et thoracis) [TA], musculus multifidus spinae


a group of transversospinales muscles that span the length of the vertebral column. They are best developed in the lumbar region.
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Several systematic reviews (68-72) and meta-analyses (73, 74) have been published on the effect of stabilization exercise programs that selectively target the multifidus and transversus abdominis.
Receptive fields from 8 afferents were in the lumbar multifidus muscle and 20 were in the longissimus muscle.
the cross-sectional area of lumbar multifidus on the convex side of a lumbar or thoracolumbar curve and on the concave side of a primary thoracic curve was smaller (7).
One paradigm for back pain rehabilitation focused on exercises to retrain specific muscles, such as transversus abdominis and the lumbar multifidus, in a range of postures and movements.
Como una forma practica de evaluar el AOL, se propuso la medicion del area del ojo del lomo total (AOLT), que incluye ademas del musculo Longissimus thoracis, los musculos spinalis et semispinalis thorasis, multifidus thoracis, levator costae y Longissimus dorsi [26].
The specific exercises aimed to strengthen the deep abdominal muscles with co-activation of the lumbar multifidus proximal to the pars defects.
Your external muscles can start to work hard to the point where your core muscles"--the diaphragm, pelvic floor, transversus abdominis and multifidus, all deep under the surface--"decide to take a backseat.
Estas inervan la region anterior de la apofisis articular inferior y la parte inferior de la articulacion por la cual giran a su alrededor musculos multifidus y la region interespinosa.
Scientific basis of minimally invasive spine surgery: Prevention of multifidus muscle injury during posterior lumbar surgery.
Deep core muscles provide dynamic support to individual segments in the spine, they are transversus abdominis, multifidus, and quadratus lumborum.
Multifidus Muscle Recovery is Not Automatic after Resolution of Acute, First-Episode Low Back Pain.
Em equinos, a ultrassonografia tem sido usada com boa confianca e repetibilidade na avaliacao biometrica do Longissimus Dorsi, Musculus Multifidus, Gluteus Medius e Biceps Femoris (KERSTEN & EDINGER, 2004; STUBBS et al.