multidisciplinary pain center

multidisciplinary pain center (MPC),

n treatment center where individuals suffering with chronic pain, addiction to painkillers, depression, etc., may receive treatment from multiple caregivers, all of whom cooperate with one another and the patient at a single facility.
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Robinson of the multidisciplinary pain center at the University of Washington, Seattle.
At the Multidisciplinary Pain Center, these patients often are treated by psychologist Jan Bachman, Ph.
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In a multidisciplinary pain center study, the SOAPP-R was administered to 283 chronic pain patients who were followed for 5 months.
In a study of 86 patients at a multidisciplinary pain center, a score of [greater than or equal to] 9 detected opioid misuse with an LR- of 0.
We report here the characteristics of and the effects of cognitive-behavioral therapy on women suffering from AEs after HPV vaccination in Japanese multidisciplinary pain centers.
Retrospective analysis from July 2013 to July 2014 was performed on women who visited multidisciplinary pain centers (Pain Centers) in Japan.
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Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy is usually led by a clinical psychologist and can be done individually or in group therapy, and it is often available through multidisciplinary pain centers or clinics.
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