mullerian adenosarcoma

mül·le·ri·an ad·e·no·sar·co·ma

a tumor of the uterus or ovaries, of low-grade malignancy, composed of benign-appearing glands and a sarcomatous stroma.
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A subsequent study, (2) in 1979, added a few cases to the original series, and the term Mullerian adenosarcoma has since become universally recognized.
Mullerian adenosarcoma is an uncommon biphasic malignant mesenchymal tumor composed of a benign glandular component and a malignant, but generally low-grade, stromal component.
Mullerian adenosarcoma is a relatively uncommon entity in gynecologic pathology that has distinctive clinical and histologic characteristics.
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In differential diagnosis, mullerian adenosarcoma should be considered.
Mesenchymal tumors, including MMMTs, endometrial stromal sarcomas, mullerian adenosarcoma, leiomyosarcomas and uterine pleomorphic rhabdomyosarcomas, have been more recently described with tamoxifen use [3,9] and have a poor prognosis.
A graver potential pitfall in the differential diagnosis is an extension of a Mullerian adenosarcoma of the cervix into the vulva.
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