mulibrey nanism

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mu·li·brey nan·ism

(mŭ'li-brā), [MIM*253250] Because mulibrey is not a proper noun, it is spelled with a lowercase m.
autosomal recessive disorder with defects of liver, brain, muscle, and eyes.
[from muscle, liver, brain, and eyes]

mulibrey nanism

a rare genetic disorder, transmitted as an autosomal-recessive trait, characterized by dwarfism, constrictive pericarditis, muscular hypotonia, anomalies of the skull and face, and characteristic yellow dots in the ocular fundus. The name of the condition is an abbreviation composed of the first two letters of the anatomical sites of the principal defects: muscle, liver, brain, and eyes.

Mulibrey nanism

An acronym mnemonic for the organs most commonly affected—Muscle, Liver, Brain, Eye—in an autosomal-recessive condition first described in Finland, characterised by constrictive pericarditis with effusions, yellow dots on the optic fundus, fibrous dysplasia of long bones and defects in the shape of the skull and sella turca.
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