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Referring to a mass or appearance characterised by a rounded mass with multiple superficial bossellations, which has been likened to a mulberry or cluster of grapes
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No, don't,' said Sir Mulberry, folding his crushed hat to lay his elbow on, and bringing himself still closer to the young lady; 'upon my life, you oughtn't to.
Now why,' said Sir Mulberry, 'why will you keep up this appearance of excessive rigour, my sweet creature?
Kate hastily rose; but as she rose, Sir Mulberry caught her dress, and forcibly detained her.
Ralph DID shrink, as the indignant girl fixed her kindling eye upon him; but he did not comply with her injunction, nevertheless: for he led her to a distant seat, and returning, and approaching Sir Mulberry Hawk, who had by this time risen, motioned towards the door.
Ay, that's the word,' interposed Sir Mulberry, with a laugh.
The eyes of the two worthies met, with an expression as if each rascal felt that there was no disguising himself from the other; and Sir Mulberry Hawk shrugged his shoulders and walked slowly out.
According to a official Mohammad Farooq, Paper Mulberry pollen counted in Sector E-8 was 638, F-10 407,G-6 920 and H-8, 1,308 per cubic meter of air which considered too high.
To improve the fermentation quality and chemical composition of mulberry leaf (Morus Alba) silage was treated with glucose and lactic acid bacteria (LAB) additives.
Utilization of the black mulberry fruit with a high phenolic is one alternative for the treatment of acne.
This question is at the heart of "Diary of a Mulberry Tree," which opened at Masrah al-Madina over the weekend.
The oldest mulberry tree in the garden grew from a cutting taken from another tree planted there by the Bard himself when he lived at New Place.
A dwarf mulberry bush, that was years in the making, was awarded the coveted title of 2017 Chelsea Plant of the Year.