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Referring to a mass or appearance characterised by a rounded mass with multiple superficial bossellations, which has been likened to a mulberry or cluster of grapes
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HANDBAG maker Mulberry revealed annual profits tumbled by 74% after its ill-fated move into the exclusive luxury market, but said its recent switch to more affordable ranges was driving a sales rebound.
In the past, mulberry trees have served as wind breakers, delineating property boundaries and waterways and were not considered a cash crop in Balochistan.
Cressida starred opposite young actor Freddie Fox in a 30-minute video for Mulberry.
Broad Street Development (BSD) has acquired 298 Mulberry Street and 304 Mulberry Street, two multi-family buildings with 182 apartments, with investment partner Crow Holdings, a national real estate investment fund.
SHARES in luxury fashion firms Burberry and Mulberry dived yesterday amid fears of tough times ahead.
Srinagar, June 30 ( ANI ): Mulberry growers in Jammu and Kashmir are happy as bad weather conditions and excessive rainfall has worked in favour of the fruit's production.
Studies on the quality of mulberry leaves and silkworm cocoon crop production, Part I, Quality difference due to varieties.
THE owner of a independent boutique says she feels like she's been dumped - after being told by designer brand Mulberry that her shop's not posh enough to stock its handbags.
Fresh juice manufacturer, Fairjuice, is launching Mulberry Fair, the first fresh mulberry juice for the UK market to respond to the growth in better-for-you drinks that are a key driver of the fruit juice category.
FOR a breakfast treat, try a big glass of the brand-new Mulberry Fair mulberry juice.
Three years of dialogue between Barbados-based Mulberry Patch Destiny Inc.