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, pl.


(myū'krō, myū'krō'nēz),
A term denoting the pointed extremity of a structure.
[L. point, sword]
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n. pl. mucrones (myo͞o-krō′nēz)
A sharp, pointed part or organ, especially a sharp terminal point, as of a leaf or shell.
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any pointed structure, particularly that at the tip of the springing organ (furcula) of Collembola.
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8a), con algunas maculas de intensidad variable o espacios semiglabros formando un patron; base de la tercera y cuarta sin cerrarse la una a la otra adyacentemente; metacoxa sin depresion; longitud del mucro de la metatibia mayor a la longitud del primer metatarsomero ...
Review of the New World species of Salina (Collembola: Paronellidae) with bidentate mucro, including a key to all New World members of Salina.
3L), length less than % of width, anterior margin straight and directed backwards laterally, mucro central, poorly evident, antemucronal slope slightly convex (Fig.
Mucro with apical tooth slightly bigger than subapical one, and with mucronal spine reaching the tip of subapical tooth.
The position of the mucro (the "apex" in Hedley's description) is dorsal in C.
The tail valve granules appear in the post-mucronal area, distal from the mucro (Figs.
5-10 mm), floral scales glabrous, obtuse, acute, or acuminate, emucronate or with a short mucro (vs.
revolute, apex broadly rounded with very short, upcurved mucro.
Mucro serrated in both lamellae, at least partially (Fig.
Estrias 3 y 4 cercanas una a otra en la base que las estrias adyacentes, con puntuaciones en la base de las estrias 3 y 4, no abreviadas en la base; el apice del humero y los intervalos entre las estrias 9 y 11 puntuadas; metafemur armado en su margen ventral interno con una espina subapical grande de aproximadamente 1.2 veces el ancho de la base de la metatibia, seguida por 2 espinas de aproximadamente 0.3 de la longitud de la primera espina; carinas longitudinales ventral y lateroventral de la metatibia con un surco poco profundo entre ellas; mucro de aproximadamente 0.4 mm de la longitud del primer tarsomero, con un tenue sinus en la base del mucro.
Tail valve semicircular, front margin strongly concave in wide central part between apophyses, mucro not elevated, submedian (Fig.