mucous plug

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an obstructing mass.
epithelial plug mass of ectodermal cells that temporarily closes the external naris of the fetus.
mucous plug
1. a plug formed by secretions of mucous glands of the cervix uteri and closing the cervical canal during pregnancy.
2. abnormally thick mucus occluding the bronchi and bronchioles, as in asthma or bronchopulmonary aspergillosis.

mu·cous plug

a mass of mucus and cells filling the cervical canal between periods or during pregnancy; a mass of mucous occluding a main or lobar bronchus.

mu·cous plug

(myū'kŭs plŭg)
1. A mass of mucus and cells filling the cervical canal between periods of menstruation or during pregnancy.
2. A mass of mucus occluding a main or lobar bronchus.
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Continue drain irrigations only when mucous plugs occur.
Such causes to be included in the differential diagnosis include dislodgement or displacement of the endotracheal tube, obstruction from mucous plugs or biting down, pneumothorax, equipment malfunction, or breath stacking.
Bronchoscopic images showed mucosal swelling of the right middle lobe bronchus and mucous plugs in the medial segmental bronchus which could not be removed by forceps and suctioning [Figure 1]b.
Retained tracheobronchial secretions, usually called mucous plugs, are commonly seen in mechanically ventilated patients due to impaired cough reflex, depressed mucociliary clearance, and increased mucus production.