mucous neck cell

mu·cous neck cell

one of the acidic mucin-secreting cells in the neck of a gastric gland.
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TFF2 is expressed in mucous neck cells, pyloric glands, and Brunner's glands, while intestinal trefoil factor (TFF3) is mainly expressed in goblet cells of the small and large intestines (Hoffmann et al.
The mucous neck cells at many places look distorted and are seen merging with each other.
The mucous neck cells are degenerated and there nuclei are not seen.
At the upper part of the mucosal layer ([less than or equal to] 60 [micro]m), MPM images of cardiac mucosa displayed columnar foveolar gastric mucous neck cells with approximately uniform size and shape (Figure 3, A and B).
Although mucin in gastric foveolar mucous neck cells also has less fluorescent signal, it consists of many small round mucin vacuoles, which are less dark than mucin vacuoles of goblet cells.
Comparative histochemical study of alimentary tracts with special reference to the mucous neck cells of the stomach.
In contrast, MUC5AC distribution is limited to cytoplasm of the surface and foveolar epithelium and mucous neck cells throughout the stomach.
18) Aberrant expression in these mucins is also reminiscent of the increase in mucous neck cells at the periphery of ulcers.