mucosal graft

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mu·co·sal graft

a graft of mucous membrane, usually the full thickness of the lining of the cheek or lower lip.
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A buccal mucosal graft provides good coverage in reconstruction; however, the loose structure of its connective tissue still necessitates the support of a combined cartilage graft.
Use of bladder mucosal graft for urethral reconstruction.
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Best results were achieved when pre-laminating free flaps with these engineered mucosal grafts. Clinical transplantation of Ex Vivo produced Oral Mucosal equivalents resulted in: 1) earlier initiation of epithelization, 2) a shorter period until complete healing, and 3) negligible scar contracture (23).
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We retrospectively evaluated the results of our experience in one-stage transperineal urethroplasty using dorsally placed buccal mucosal graft and its outcomes in the treatment of long urethral strictures.
Patient Postoperative Flap Diet Static lip complication survival suspension 1 No 100% Normal Good 2 No 100% Normal Good 3 Wound infection: 100% Normal Good incision and drainage 4 Venous insufficiency: 100% Normal Good Leeches therapy 5 No 100% Normal Good Patient Oral Speech Aesthetic competence acceptance 1 Adequate Normal Excellent 2 Adequate Minor difficulties Less then acceptable 3 Adequate Normal Good 4 Adequate Normal Acceptable 5 Adequate Normal Excellent Patient Remarks 1 Vermilion reconstruction with mucosal graft. 2 Combined with mandible reconstruction by radius bone in the flap.
(7) Jablon and Hoffman reported a case of nasal vestibular stenosis caused by obstetric forceps they treated by mucosal graft from the hard palate.
Oral tissues (n=6) were collected from (n=6) patients who underwent oral mucosal graft for bilateral LSCD at Sankara Nethralaya eye hospital, Chennai during 2006-07.
Biopsies of transplanted nasal mucosal performed in 17 patients "showed vital intraepithelial mucin-producing goblet cells in the nasal mucosal graft," the authors wrote.