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In these patients DCR was done with our mucosal flaps stabilization technique using Merocel tamponade.
* Posterior flap is approximated with nasal mucosal flap. No tamponade (Nasal packing) in most cases except in cases of adhesion release, and concomitant sinus surgey merocel packing was done for 24hrs.
(1.) Tsirbas A, Wormwald PJ (2003) Endonasal DCR with mucosal flap. Am J Ophthalmol 135:76-83.
"Practical suggestions on facial plastic surgery--How I do it." Sublabial mucosal flap: Repair of septal perforations.
This was repaired with a promontory mucosal flap, and ossicular chain continuity was restored with a Sheehy incus replacement prosthesis.
The lesion was excised in toto and with intact mucosal flap technique, wherein mucosa was incised, mass removed, Homeostasis Secured.
An inferiorly based mucosal flap was preserved on the right side and sutured over the raw area.
Removal of the thin veil like membrane with the help of raising mucosal flap and identifying the neo-ostium was done in 2 patients (4%).
Mucosal flap tear was the most common complication encountered after endoscopic septoplasty which occurred in 4(7%) and was due to sharp spur, synechaiem in 3(5.2%), hemorrhage seen in 1(1.7%), septal perforation in 1(1.7%).
With this the scarred tissue is excised and the mucosal flaps either from the soft palate or the posterior pharyngeal wall mobilized to cover the defect.
(2) Other suggested reconstructive options include the use of modified Z-plasty skin grafts, local myocutaneous flaps, and septal cartilage flaps, as well as mucosal flaps from the palate and composite cartilage grafts.