bovine virus diarrhea virus

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bo·vine vi·rus di·ar·rhe·a vi·rus

a virus of the genus Pestivirus, in the family Flaviviridae, causing bovine virus diarrhea; New York, Oregon, and Indiana strains of the virus are recognized.
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Samples were removed from the remnants of the cerebrum, diencephalon, and organs (thymus, lung, myocardium, jejunum, ileum, mesenteric lymph node, liver, spleen, kidney, and striated muscle), and 3 independent real-time PCR protocols were conducted to detect genomes of bovine viral diarrhea/ mucosal disease virus, bluetongue virus serotype 8, and the novel SBV Initial retrotranscription of the RNA genomes was followed by quantitative (real-time) PCR.