The solution, digestion, or liquefaction of mucus.
[muco- + G. lysis, dissolution]
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In addition, because MESNA is a synthetic sulfur compound, it enables separation of mucus polypeptide chains by mucolysis of the disulfate bonds [9].
Blood mixed sputum samples were excluded as N-acetyl-L-cysteine, which is being used for mucolysis of sputum samples, becomes ineffective in the presence of blood.
Nebulisation is the process whereby liquid medications are aerosolised in order to enhance their penetration into the lower respiratory tract of patients with, for example, lower airway obstruction, pulmonary infection, or needing mucolysis of obstructive pulmonary secretions.
Sheffner first discovered the mucolytic properties of N-acetylcysteine and since then, this drug has been widely employed clinically in situations requiring mucolysis. (4) N-acetylcysteine acts to reduce mucus viscosity by splitting disulfide bonds linking proteins present in the mucoproteins.
Effects of tylosin on bacterial mucolysis, Clostridium perfringens colonization, and intestinal barrier function in a chick model of necrotic enteritis.
Although the mechanism of the interactions is poorly understood, it appears that the presence of clay in the gut increases the secretion of mucus by goblet cells and prevents mucolysis through increased protein cross-linking.