mucoepidermoid tumor

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mu·co·ep·i·der·moid car·ci·no·ma

most commonly a salivary gland carcinoma of low grade malignancy composed of mucous, epidermoid, and intermediate cells, with mucous cells abundant only in low-grade carcinoma; recurrence is frequent, and high-grade carcinomas metastasize to cervical nodes.
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(9) Chomette and colleagues studied a series of 331 minor salivary gland tumors and found that malignancies accounted for 55.3% of cases.l[degrees] In that study, mucoepidermoid tumors were the second most common malignant tumor after adenoid cystic carcinomas.
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Unfavorable prognosis of CRTC1-MAML2 positive mucoepidermoid tumors with CDKN2A deletions.