mucinous cystadenoma

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cystoma blended with adenoma.
mucinous cystadenoma a multilocular, usually benign, tumor produced by ovarian epithelial cells and having mucin-filled cavities.
papillary cystadenoma any tumor producing patterns that are both papillary and cystic; called also papilloadenocystoma.
serous cystadenoma a cystic tumor of the ovary containing thin, clear yellow serum and some solid tissue.
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mucinous cystadenoma

A benign proliferation of cuboidal epithelium often within a cystic space, which may be seen in the ovary, pancreas or, far less commonly, the liver. The stroma is described as ovary-like and stains with mucicarmine and inhibin.

A benign epithelial neoplasm that may be diffuse or focal (with small polyps), often associated with dilation of the appendix, mucin dissection into the wall and release of mucin into the peritoneum (”pseudomyxoma peritonei”).

Dilation of appendix with a single layer of neoplastic epithelium with low-grade dysplasia, undulating morphology, villous or tubulovillous architecture, or serrated appearance.
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One case presented as right inguinal hernia with mucinous cystadenoma as the content and underwent right hemicolectomy.
Caption: Minimally invasive minilaparotomy can be used for benign large adnexal mass drainage, as in this case if a mucinous cystadenoma.
The average size of the urachal mucinous cystadenoma was 7.9 cm at greatest dimension, ranging from 1.5 cm to 15.5 cm.
Mucinous cystadenoma coexisting with adult granulosa cell tumor in the ovary: Is it a composite tumor or heterologous mucinous elements in a granulosa cell tumor?
To better describe the morphologic and immunohistochemical features of primary retroperitoneal mucinous cystadenomas (PRMCs) and their association with sarcoma-like mural nodules, the authors conducted an immunohistochemical study with a panel of 19 antibodies and a histochemical study for mucin stains.
Histology of the cyst showed a benign mucinous cystadenoma. The uterus, ovarian cyst, omentum, and appendix contained florid granulomatous inflammation and caseous necrosis.
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Cystic luminal distention secondary to obstruction by a mucinous cystadenoma or cystadenocarcinoma causes the majority of AMC [3].
Huge primary mucinous cystadenoma of the retroperitoneum mimicking a left ovarian tumor.
Specifically, the other component of these tumors was mucinous cystadenoma in four patients, endometriosis externa in one patient, and high-grade serous papillary cyst adenocarcinoma in one patient.
[7] Common combinations with ovarian tumours include mucinous cystadenoma and a combination of Brenner tumour, mature cystic teratoma, Sertoli-Leidig cell tumour may be seen.
Classification of the adnexal masses Histopathology results n (%) Benign masses 45 (100) Serous cystadenoma 15 (33.3) Endometrioma 12 (26.6) Abcess 5 (11.1) Mature cystic teratoma 4 (8.8) Fibrothecoma 4 (8.8) Mucinous cystadenoma 2 (4.4) Leiomyoma 1 (2.2) Borderline serous tumour 1 (2.2) Borderline mucinous tumour 1 (2.2) Malignant masses 6 (100) Endometrioid adenocarcinoma 2 (33.3) Granulosa cell tumour 2 (33.3) Carcinosarcoma 1 (16.6) Leiomyosarcoma 1 (16.6) TABLE 3.