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 (mrad) [mil´ĭ-rad]
one thousandth (10−3) of a rad.


millirad; one thousandth (10−3) of a rad.


abbreviation for millirad.

MRad (D)

Abbrev. for Master of Radiodiagnosis.

MRad (I)

Abbrev. for Master of Radiotherapy.


millirad. A non-SI unit now replaced by the gray.
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Mrad also believes regional developments should follow global best practices but remain distinctly regional.
The microscopic meniscal fibers of 0 Mrad group regularly arranged without significant disruption [Figure 1].
A series of measurements was conducted at three different excursion sizes: 20 mrad, 40 mrad, and 60 mrad.
The thermo-electric behavior of both 10 and 20 Mrad irradiated plaques is vastly different from that of the corresponding unirradiated one.
Drawing on previous examples of development in Lebanon, Abou Mrad said the now-decrepit railroad line that used to link Beirut to Damascus helped turn towns in Mount Lebanon from mere blips on the map to prosperous tourist hubs.
S'exprimant lors d'une conference de presse, organisee mercredi par l'Association des magistrats tunisiens (AMT), au palais de justice de Tunis, Hamdi Mrad a declare que cette inquietude est justifiee et s'appuie sur des donnees statistiques prouvant l'incapacite du TA de trancher les contentieux dans les delais impartis.
In a video posted last Sunday night, Moez Ben Gharbia said he had all the information about those who killed Chokri Belaid, Mohamed Brahmi, Tarek Mekki, Faouzi Ben Mrad and Sokrat Cherni as well as on other terrorist attacks, including the Bardo and Sousse attacks.
6 / 1 kVIEC 60332-1 flameIEC 60754-1 Halogen-freeIEC 60754-2 Corrosiveness of combustion gasesIEC 61034-1 Smoke densityIEC 60811-2-1 Oil resistanceEN 50396 Ozone resistanceResistant radioactive radiation 5 * 105 Gy = 50 Mrad 32.
Khaled, will be joined by Lebanese singer Fares Karam, Emirati songstress Aryam and DJ Said Mrad.
Le communique a indique que le depute nahdhaoui Najib Mrad a essaye d'agresser physiquement et verbalement Rabia Nejlaoui , relevant que seule l'intervention de deputes qui etaient sur place a pu eviter l'irreparable.
Spinning in the main room, will be Lebanese house music guru DJ Said Mrad, supported by DJ Miled.
A packaging and high precision optics mounting offer full control, allowing fast-axis stack divergence as low as [+ or -]3 mrad (FWHM).