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A person or thing that moves or causes to move.
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Some examples of Movers and Shakers segments that tap into one or more of these trends are ready-to-drink coconut milk (+29.9 percent and +31.7 percent), refrigerated almond milk (+23.6 percent and +24.9 percent), refrigerated fresh soup +15.6 percent and +11.8 percent), seltzer/sparkling/mineral water (+9.8 percent and +10.8 percent), refrigerated hand-held non-breakfast entrees (+9.8 percent and +5.8 percent) and frozen fruit (+9.2 percent and +5.7 percent).
Below (l-r): Lesley Williams, Marketing Edinburgh; Marc Crothall, Scottish Tourism Alliance; Shirley Mowat, The Dunstane Hotel; and James Fraser, Jupiter Hotels, enjoy the annual Hospitality Industry Trust Scotland get-together for the sector's movers and shakers, which was held at The Place, Edinburgh.
Karen Moores, partner, commented: "There was a great turnout with over 70 joining in our Christmas Movers and Shakers. We thank our fellow professional contacts from in and around the city for their continued support.
These 'movers and shakers' lists are compiled from a corporate online learning perspective, on the basis of a person's perceived current influence on the online learning industry - as a practitioner, commentator, facilitator and/or thought leader.
All that could be about to change, thanks to decisions which have already been taken by Z and his/her fellow movers and shakers, and decisions which will have to be taken very soon.
Shekhar reminded Sonu that he has sung for Adhyayan too in Raaz and Adyayan has shared a special request for Sonu to sing the same song on Movers and Shakers. Sonu sang the song and dedicated it to Shekhar and Adhyayan.
MOVERS and shaker in the economy are being invited to submit details for a comprehensive directory of businesses in Wales.
Yet all good things must come to an end; Pro Wrestling Kids' Style tells of the hard lessons that led to the final NWF bell, and reflects on where the movers and shakers of the NWF are today.
This year's class of movers and shakers is a varied bunch.
Better business often means better pay for the region's movers and shakers, so in this issue we also tackle what is becoming a buzzword, even among ordinary investors--hedge funds.
Author and dedicated game fan Chris Kohler presents his research of and personal interviews with industry movers and shakers such as Shigeru Miyamoto (creator of Mario), Hideo Kojima (designer of Metal Gear Solid), and many more.
Today, finally, after almost a year of research and editing, our first ever list is out, the List of the 101 Movers and Shakers. Not everyone who is a mover or a shaker is on the list, but the ones who are on it are all movers and shakers.