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A person or thing that moves or causes to move.
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"This entire area in the West Midlands, and the wider regions across the UK, will be able to capitalise on the connectivity that Birmingham Interchange station brings and the people mover is an integral part of this."
We usually devoted at least one page to Movers & Shakers, but we were finding it hard to fill that page.
'Within that time, they aim to lay down the infrastructure which will allow for autonomisation of prime movers' jobs at the docks, similar to what is being practised at Shanghai's ports and thereby saving time and human power,' he said.
A total of 32 independent movers are at work here, though from a functional or operational perspective it's better to think of them as 16 pairs of movers.
The two-dimensional X/Y positioning of the movers can also lift and lower by up to 5 mm, tilt up to 5[degrees] for transporting and handling liquids, and rotate up to [+ or -]15[degrees] or up to 360[degrees] above the planar tiles.
"For moving house furniture from Abu Dhabi to Musaffah, on the outskirts of Abu Dhabi, we charge only Dh200 to Dh250 while similar shifting by larger movers and packers would cost more than Dh1,000," said Khan, a furniture mover.
And these unlicensed movers often don't carry adequate insurance, creating the risk that homeowners will be left high and dry if their property is seriously damaged during the move."
The SOCIAL treatment features a game between two human subjects playing in the roles of first and second mover, exactly as in the study by GP.
Leading software and services provider Amdocs was awarded Operational Excellence Mover of the Year while software and technology solutions provider SAP was awarded Delivery Excellence Mover of the Year.
There were 171,300 UK home movers in the first half of 2017 compared with 174,300 in the same period last year, according to the Lloyds Bank Home Mover Review.
With hundreds of enlisted Packers and Movers with, the directory eases the search for reliable options.