movement view

movement view,

n a philosophy that maintains that motion is learned (identical to the functional view) but narrows its study to specific frameworks, such as dance, martial arts, yoga, and so forth.
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Thirty-two percent of Republicans (including Republican-leaning independents) who describe themselves as supporters of the Tea Party movement view Boehner favorably, while 59% view him unfavorably.
Aoun is keen, however, not to risk the Memorandum of Understanding [MoU] signed with Hizbullah in 2006," the sources said, arguing that Hizbullah and Aoun's Free Patriotic Movement view the MoU as important.
Anthony Lukas's views of race and class in Boston in Common Ground: A Turbulent Decade in the Lives of Three American Families (1985), with a movement view in Chain of Change (1981), a book by Boston civil rights activist Mel King, which focused on African Americans' long struggle for equal education in Boston against white workers whom Lukas believed were unduly burdened by busing.
Some individuals in the militia movement view law enforcement as the enemy.
Officials from the Future Movement view Jumblatt's blaming the movement for recent sectarian clashes as a false accusation," Al-Akhbar reported.
In sum, the Black Lives Matter movement views American institutions as incontrovertibly anti-black and destined to brutalize blacks.
Al-Zahar, who spoke in Gaza, said that the movement views the carrying out of terror attacks from Judea and Samaria as important, and plans to use available means and new methods, such as stabbing and hit-and-run attacks, against Israelis.
In this context one can understand the Zionist policies in Palestine that include continued colonization and elimination of the Palestinian bond to the land and their existence on it, Also changing the history and memory of the place to make it serve the Zionist politics, because the Zionist movement views any retreat from such policies of elimination of Palestinians will threaten foundations biblical ideology that they adopted, and will end up exposing their fraud and will ultimately shake the credibility of their colonial project.
Evidence suggests, however, that the movement views East African recruitment a priority.
Our movement views democracy as the optimal way for the nation to get out of its successive predicaments and raise Yemeni society to guarantee freedom and equality.
Seventh, the ex-gay movement views nonsexual close male relationships as essential for "healing.
Because Section 9 of the ESA curtails private landowners' activities and development rights on their land, the wise use movement views the prohibited acts of Section 9 as a taking of their land "without just compensation.
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