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1. familiarizing the unbroken horse with the novelty of having a bit in its mouth. A special mouthing bit with dangling players on the bit is used.
2. checking the teeth of a grazing animal, e.g. to identify sheep with a broken mouth.

Patient discussion about mouthing

Q. What is Mouth cancer? My grandfather has been diagnosed with mouth cancer. What is it? Is it dangerous?

A. Cancer of the mouth is dangerous as are all cancers. The earlier this cancer is detected, the better the survival rates are. If the cancer is caught in the first stage the survival rates can go up to 90% of patients surviving five years and most of these will be cured.

Q. What are the symptoms of mouth cancer? I have an ulcer in my mouth that won't go away, could it be cancer?

A. Have you had this ulcer for a long time? over 3 weeks?
If so, consult your GP however don't be alarmed as it isn't necessarily cancer, though it's always better to check it out and not neglect it.

Q. which is a very good treatment for mouth ulcer

A. drink butter milk.

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