mouse encephalomyelitis

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mouse en·ceph·a·lo·my·e·li·tis

encephalomyelitis due to the mouse encephalomyelitis virus (a species of Enterovirus) which is not pathogenic in monkeys or in humans, but attacks mouse colonies and causes a flaccid paralysis, usually of the hind limbs.
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Max, South African microbiologist in the U.S. and Nobel laureate, 1899-1972.
Theiler disease - (1) Synonym(s): mouse encephalomyelitis; - (2) Synonym(s): equine serum hepatitis
Theiler mouse encephalomyelitis virus - a virus in the family Picornaviridae. Synonym(s): Theiler virus
Theiler virus - Synonym(s): Theiler mouse encephalomyelitis virus
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