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In dentistry, the laboratory procedure of attaching the maxillary and/or mandibular cast to an articulator.
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Device (usually in metal or plastic) which holds the ophthalmic lenses before the eyes in rimless spectacles or in spectacles with rims, but which do not surround the lenses, the latter being held by holes, slots or grooves in their periphery. Syn. mounting.
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In dentistry, laboratory procedure of attaching maxillary and/or mandibular cast to an articulator.
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Silver mounting board from Millers Art Store, Glasgow.
To get all of the window treatments evenly spaced front to back, we used a 1x6 board as the mounting board. A 1x6 is actually only 3/4 in.
Mounting Board and Fine Art Papers are manufactured with natural
Sintra Material -- expanded PVC photo mounting board
The speakers are made of Gatorfoam mounting board and the WorldSound flat panel speakers, both products of International Paper.