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In dentistry, the laboratory procedure of attaching the maxillary and/or mandibular cast to an articulator.
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Device (usually in metal or plastic) which holds the ophthalmic lenses before the eyes in rimless spectacles or in spectacles with rims, but which do not surround the lenses, the latter being held by holes, slots or grooves in their periphery. Syn. mounting.
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In dentistry, laboratory procedure of attaching maxillary and/or mandibular cast to an articulator.
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In this paper, we proposed a mounting detection method for Korean native cattle from video stream data with computer vision techniques and mounting detection rules.
Samples can also be placed in sparing amounts of glue or epoxy and allowed to set before final mounting. They can also be placed on double sided tape.
Also, flyPad's solid back allows the option of mounting two steam gauges in the mount itself, serving as a readily accessible backup available by simply popping the tablet out of the mount.
Insert the DAGR into the lower mounting tabs on the bottom of the mount.
Mini- and machine-mounted blenders for the same range of materials as the Duplex series are designed of direct mounting on machine throat.
Mounting the Cycloid Auto Pump takes just 10 seconds per wheel.
Although the skeletons dramatically influenced the tradition of bone mounting in museums, most have not been on public display for more than 20 years.
On the 800-series 5-ton and M35 2 Hi-ton trucks, mount the M66 using the mounting kit that comes with NSN 1005-0!
True local temperatures in the metal wall can be measured, free of conduction errors caused by external air drafts, mounting fixtures, and metallic protection tubes.
In addition, they are suitable for the mounting and coupling of infrared and photo-detection devices.
The Army has two mounting solutions and both will do a good job supporting your M249 or M240B machine guns on either a HMMWV flatbed or on a gun tower: