mountain sun

mountain sun,

n a device created by Dr. Carl Loeb to treat a variety of physical and emotional health concerns by projecting colored lights onto the patient's body.
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A signature restaurant featuring a dramatic grill centrepiece and a grand terrace will enable guests to enjoy the mountain sun with an amazing view on the valley.
One of them is the Pine Cottage, where my mother spent some 25 odd summers mostly soaking in the sweet mountain sun.
Starting with the SEMELI MOUNTAIN SUN 2008 AGIORGHITIKO (pounds 9.
The aptly-named Semeli Mountain Sun Red 2008 (pounds 9.
And, of course, it means you will need suitable footwear and clothing - and water - and should be wary of the fierce rays of the mountain sun, even when temperatures might suggest otherwise.
With stems covered in vicious thorns, silver leaves to reflect the bright coastal and mountain sun in spring and summer and bright orange berries, this large shrub will cope with any amount of cold and wind.
In Boulder, Tim McMurray and crews at the Mountain Sun and Southern Sun brewpubs honor the spirit of McMurray's Irish ancestors in novel fashion.
FACE THE COLD Piz Buin's Himalaya Tested Mountain Sun Cream will protect against sun, snow or storm.
Earlier, Bell was the ad director at the Mountain Sun in Kerrville and for 16 years the ad director of the Kerrville Daily Times.
Along the cobblestone walks of Main Street, more than a dozen lifelike bronze sculptures of wild animals, Nez Perce Indians, cowboys, horses and a barefoot girl on a garden walk now glint in the mountain sun.
In a move destined to expand its organic food offerings, The Hain Celestial Group has acquired Acirca, a financial and investment group that has diligently extended its Walnut Acres brand since June 2000 by integrating into it a series of organic brands, including Mountain Sun, ShariAnn's, Millina's Finest, and Fruitti di Bosco.
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