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A two-wheel motorised personal vehicle which is associated with a much higher risk of injury and death than that typical of four-wheeled motor vehicles
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Ehsan and Sultan who after completing their 22-day Iran visit have returned back to their city of Bahawalpur told media persons that it was a great adventure for them that they visited several cities of Iran for 22 days.'The rally of 26 Pakistani motorcyclists covered around 60,000 kilometers during 22 days and they visited several cities and villages of Iran,' they said.
The motorcyclists were given June 20 as the deadline after which the police started issuing them tickets.
Nappy discloses that four of the six robbery suspects that were arrested were motorcyclists.
In the last two months, the traffic police issued challans to over 30,000 motorcyclists due to which only 10 per cent of the motorcyclists started wearing helmets.
However, according to reports gathered from CCTV footages and interviews of filling station boys, it has been revealed that bikers without helmet get petrol either with the help of other motorcyclists at the filling stations or workers at the petrol pump.
The aim of the special campaign was to make the journey of the motorcyclists' safe and less dangerous; he said adding that the Education Wing of CTP has also been arranging seminars to create awareness among the road users to travel on roads with helmets.
This amounts to RM2.20 a day for motorcyclists for only the Malaysian side of the crossing.
Officials revealed that the scheme would be replicated on five other major arteries of the city where the motorcyclists without helmets would not be allowed.
"Sadly motorcyclists are overrepresented in the total number of casualties on Scotland's roads and even more so in the number of fatalities.
Islamabad -- The Islamabad Police on Monday booked the motorcyclist, hit by a vehicle from United States (US) Embassy for 'negligent driving' and Chief Security Officer at US embassy for 'interfering in Government affairs, respectively.
A source said 'the commercial biker slapped the student and that led to a fight between them, which other students latched into,' with the source claiming that 'it was as a result of the anger bottled by the students over what they see as their exploitation by the commercial motorcyclists and sundry business operators in the community.'