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A two-wheel motorised personal vehicle which is associated with a much higher risk of injury and death than that typical of four-wheeled motor vehicles
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'They choose motorbikes parked in isolated areas and a companion usually provides them with cover while they break the locks,' Asghar added.
"But we did not have motorbikes, or cash."For a while they could only watch jealously, as bikers rode past waving at each other.
Ameer Sheikh informed the meeting that Karachi Police in coordination with the CIA was taking stern actions against motorbike lifting in the megalopolis while a strategy has also been devised to initiate crackdown on markets of illegal sale/purchase of motorbike parts.
Very clearly we can see the point of the motorbike riders.
As the first step, the Karachi police need to look into the traffic problems caused by the ubiquitous presence on city roads of motorbikes. In December, a special motorbike lane was launched in Karachi on Sharea Faisal.
While sharing the categories of emergencies dealt by Motorbike Ambulance he said that in the last year 3,581 road traffic accidents, 18 fire incidents, 21 quarrel cases, 5367 medical emergencies, 141 work occupational, one cylinder blast, 40 cases of falling from height and 753 cases of other emergencies were included.
Motorbike nuisance recording sheets will also be delivered to all properties surrounding East Middlesbrough's Pallister Park and a post box will be put up in the park's pavilion to provide a convenient drop off for residents.
He says after few minutes, the suspects returned from the bush armed with a single borrow pistol and pointing it at the motorcyclist.He says the suspects were demanding victim Kollie to give them his motorbike or they would kill him.
The new motorbike mode feature helps out by, delivering:
Duterte admitted that he likes motorbikes, recalling that he once owned a Harley motorbike.
Not because women are bad okada riders but simply because women outnumber their male counterparts among the motorbike riders ofNnewi.
Another expatriate, whose only reason for buying a motorbike was to avoid the traffic tailbacks and parking issues that regular motorists face, the initiative doesn't serve any purpose.