motor zone

mo·tor zone

that portion of the cerebral cortex, primarily the posterior region of the frontal lobe, near the central sulcus, which when stimulated produces a movement and when injured produces spasticity or paralysis.
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When the tide is half-up or better, you'll find slot-sized reds cruising by the bushes in Matlacha Pass, around Bull Bay, along the bay side of Cayo Costa and in the Ding Darling no motor zone. Lower tides are better for fishing nearby oyster bars and potholes in those same areas, and there should be at least a few tailing fish on just about any flat along the ICW on early phases of incoming tides.
All patients in acupuncture group will receive acupuncture at acupuncture points such as GB12 (Wan Gu, bilateral), GB20 (Feng Chi, bilateral), CV23 (Lian Quan), DU20 (Bai Hui), and LI4 (He Gu, bilateral) and HT5 (Tong Li, bilateral), Hangsang, Shanglianquan, and Lower 2/5 of the motor zone of scalp acupuncture.
The 16.5-acre site will be big enough to display more than 1,000 cars under the Motor Zone name and will be the biggest Vardy site anywhere in the UK.
A weekend of family entertainment including an action zone, hobby zone, shopping zone and motor zone.
A critical study of the sensory functions of the motor zone (pre-Rolandic area); most especially stereognosis.
First and foremost, this new "Backcountry Zone" as ENP refers to it as strictly a No Motor Zone. This means no other means of propulsion are allowed besides manpower.
Reg Vardy is extending its Edinburgh Motor Zone by 10,000 square feet - less than six months after first opening.
This is East Central Florida's fabled No Motor Zone, 10,600 acres of water nestled in the Banana River, east of the Indian River Lagoon.
These include the No Motor Zone, Canaveral Bight, inlets, offshore and Mosquito Lagoon.
9--KARS Park Fall Redfish Classic, KARS Park/No Motor Zone in Merritt Island, FL.
After September 11, 2001, the east side of the no motor zone in the Banana River Lagoon was closed to all entry for four and a half years.
One of the top areas for early winter seatrout is the No Motor Zone (NMZ) on the Banana River north of State Road 528 (Bennett Causeway) in central Brevard County.