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A two-wheel motorised personal vehicle which is associated with a much higher risk of injury and death than that typical of four-wheeled motor vehicles
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A black motor scooter drove past her and a passenger got off and grabbed her purse.
A letter from housing authority Trent and Dove said: 'We have received complaints regarding alleged use of a motor scooter by your son that is causing nuisance and annoyance to other residents.
Historically, Vespas and other motor scooters have received a lukewarm reception in this country, where they've been pegged as underpowered, lesser versions of the motorcycle, but in recent years that's changed.
The Passol motor scooter will be powered by a lithium ion battery that enables the vehicle to travel 30 to 35 kilometers each time it is recharged, the officials said.
So your little motor scooter is not a full animated film but it is not a comic strip either.
When Billy Golfus, an award-winning radio journalist was brain damaged as a result of a motor scooter accident 10 years ago, he became one of the 43 million Americans with disabilities--this country's largest and most invisible minority.
The marketing campaign for the IE125 describes it as 'Taiwan's first fast-charging electric motor scooter: faster, tougher, more power.' The slogan seems to many to be drawing a contrast to the very successful Gogoro brand scooters, which have been growing in popularity across the country.
4 Vintage Motor Scooter Club, Coventry Transport Museum, Coventry.
Mr Whittaker had been riding his Speedfighter motor scooter northwards on the between Blythe Farm and Blythe Hall when his scooter crashed with a Leyland Daf tanker lorry which was travelling in the same direction.
Kirklees Off-Road Motorcycle Unit has seized several unlicensed vehicles, including a motorcross bike in the Colne and Holme valleys and a mini motor scooter from Rowan Avenue, Netherton.
GREAT Britain's Jonny Bellis has been transferred to a hospital in London and has begun his rehabilitation programme following a motor scooter crash in Italy.