motor plate

mo·tor plate

a motor endplate.
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mo·tor end·plate

(mō'tŏr end'plāt)
The large and complex end-formation by which the axon of a motor neuron establishes synaptic contact with a striated muscle fiber (cell).
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On Wednesday, PNP-HPG destroyed 4,674 LED lights, 27 strobe lights, four dome lights, 592 fog lights, 429 blinkers, 539 open mufflers, 36 sirens, 783 commemorative plates, eight horns, 25 motor plate covers, and 13 beacon lights.
An important role has motor plate, which is "synapse" between the terminations axonal membrane of the muscle fiber and motor neurons (fig.
You'll still need to source batteries and components, but the kit includes the bell-housing adapter plate, motor plate, stub shaft, pulleys with bearings, pilot bearing, screws and spacers, and motor cover for $595.
Multiple hole Locations on the mounting plate allow for the Retro Z to be fastened at variable heights, and a corresponding motor plate is included to allow for the mounting of a customers existing Z motors to the Retro Z Axis.
Furthermore, there is no motor plate to catch food because the motor information is etched into the body.
But finding out the brake horsepower is not as simple as just glancing at the motor plate.
Then unplug the fan and remove the motor plate (Photo 2).
He expressed concern that some transport operators have applied for a franchise but duplicated the motor plate for other unauthorized vehicles.
"Patunay nito ay ang kawalan ng anumang kahilingan ng dagdag na pondo sa ilalim ng 'Motor Plate Making Project MV/MC Standardization' sa 2014 GAA (The proof is that they did not request for additional funds under the 'Motor Plate Making Project MV/MC Standardization' in the 2014 GAA)," De la Cruz said.