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From first principles, it should be possible to perturb almost any motor control system, provide a cue to allow the animal to anticipate and hence to reduce the impact of the perturbation, and thence reveal the negative motor image by providing the cue but withholding the perturbation.
Motor Image Enterprises Pte Limited (Motor Image), distributors of Subaru automobiles in South East Asia, is planning to produce a completely knocked-down Subaru Forester series outside of Japan, according to chief executive Glenn Tan.
Motor Image Pilipinas officially unveiled the latest addition to their line-up, a new variant of their popular crossover, the XV GT Edition.
Other Avid members included Motor Image Pilipinas Inc.
Motor Image Pilipinas, Inc., the authorized distributor of Subaru vehicles in the Philippines, has launched the fifth-generation Subaru Forester for the Philippine market.
As such, it's likely why Motor Image Pilipinas, distributors of Subaru in the country had flown us into Singapore to be better acquainted with the upcoming model.
Other members of Avid are Motor Image Pilipinas Inc., Mercedes Benz importer CATS Motors, Porsche and Audi distributor PGA Cars Inc., Mini distributor British United Automobiles and Volvo importer Scandinavian Motors Corp.
Motor Image Pilipinas, Inc., distributor of Subaru vehicles, introduces a more powerful Subaru Levorg.