motor image

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a picture or concept with more or less likeness to an objective reality.
body image see body image.
digital image a depiction recorded electronically to allow viewing or transmission on a computer.
image distributor beam splitter.
disturbed body image a nursing diagnosis defined as confusion in the mental picture of one's personal self. See also body image.
fluoroscopic image a visual depiction on a fluoroscopy screen.
image intensifier a fluoroscope that is electronically enhanced to produce a brighter image; see also automatic brightness control, brightness gain, and vignetting.
latent image the invisible change in radiographic film that is caused by x-radiation or light and is made visible by development of the film.
magnification image direct radiographic enlargement requiring a fractional focus tube of 0.3 mm or less.
manifest image the change on an x-ray film that becomes visible when the latent image undergoes appropriate chemical processing.
mirror image
1. the image of light made visible by the reflecting surface of the cornea and lens when illuminated through the slit lamp.
2. an image with right and left relations reversed, as in the reflection of an object in a mirror.
motor image the organized cerebral model of the possible movements of the body.
phantom image an artifact seen in conventional linear tomography.
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mo·tor im·age

the image of body movements.
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mo·tor im·age

(mō'tŏr im'ăj)
The image of body movements.
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