motor hallucination

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(ha-loos-i-na'shon) [L. hallucinari, to wander in one's mind]
A false perception having no relation to reality and not accounted for by any exterior stimulus. It is a dreamlike (or nightmarish) perception occurring while awake. It may be visual, esp. in medical illnesses or drug withdrawal syndromes; auditory, esp. in psychoses; tactile; gustatory; or olfactory. Affected patients typically appear confused and agitated and are unable to distinguish between the real and the imaginary. See: delusion; illusion

auditory hallucination

An imaginary perception of sounds, usually voices. Auditory hallucinations are a hallmark of psychotic illnesses but are also heard by patients with acquired hearing impairments and by some persons with temporal lobe seizures.

command hallucination

An auditory hallucination in which a person hears a voice demanding that he or she engage in a specific (and often, a dangerous) behavior. Command hallucinations are characteristic of both schizophrenia and some forms of drug intoxication. Affected people may report receiving instructions to kill themselves or others; to comply or be punished; or to undertake a particular behavior to make amends for prior faults or sins they have committed.

extracampine hallucination

A hallucination that arises from outside the normal sensory field or range, as people having the sensation of seeing something behind them.

gustatory hallucination

The sense of tasting something that is not present.

haptic hallucination

A hallucination pert. to touching the skin or to sensations of temperature or pain.

hearing hallucination

A colloquial term for “auditory hallucination.”

hypnagogic hallucination

A presleep phenomenon having the same practical significance as a dream but experienced during consciousness. It may include a sense of falling, of sinking, or of the ceiling moving.

kinetic hallucination

A sensation of flying or of moving the body or a part of it.
Synonym: motor hallucination

microptic hallucination

A hallucination in which things seem smaller than they are.

motor hallucination

Kinetic hallucination.

olfactory hallucination

A hallucination involving the sense of smell.

release hallucination

Charles Bonnet syndrome.

somatic hallucination

A sensation of pain attributed to visceral injury.

stump hallucination

See: phantom limb

tactile hallucination

A false sense of touching something or of objects moving on the skin. This abnormal perception is a hallmark of some withdrawal states, such as delirium tremens in alcohol withdrawal. See: formication

visual hallucination

The sensation of seeing objects that are not really there. This is a hallmark of alcohol and drug withdrawal and of other medical illnesses that adversely affect the brain.

visual release hallucination

Charles Bonnet syndrome.
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