motor cell

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mo·tor cell

a neuron the axon of which innervates peripheral effector cells such as muscle fibers or gland cells.
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motor cell, front scanner, scanning, of aspiration.
An experimental analysis of motor cell columns in the cervical enlargement of spinal cord in albino rat.
They concluded that pulvinus responses to red and blue light differ not only by the tissue region but also by the time in the overall photoperiod.In general, it appears that unique signaling pathways in the two motor cell regions result in complementary cell responses for light or darkness.
We're teaching patients how to voluntarily recruit a motor cell in the brain to produce a motor signal that will travel down a motor neuron through the spinal cord and then out the peripheral neurons to the muscle site, producing movement.
biogas engine must be placed in the acoustic motor cell with associated air supply and ventilation.
After initial lymphocytic meningitis, it affects the motor cells in the anterior horn of the spinal cord.
Individual motor cells did not uniformly emit more electrical impulses as monkeys made their move, the scientists report in the Dec.