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Alignment of learners' goals and expectations with the design of learning environments and experiences promotes motivationally positive self and content perceptions and consequent task engagement.
These two sets of findings, showing that 10 motivationally distinct value types are recognized across cultures, provide substantial support for both the content and structure postulates of the theory.
Telephone versus print delivery of an individualized motivationally tailored physical activity intervention: Project STRIDE.
According to Ntoumanis (2002), this type of students can be considered motivationally at risk, because high levels of the least self-referenced types of motivation can lead those youngsters out of the school system (Vallerand et al., 1997).
Thus, in the current study we examined the relationship of parents' and peers' motivationally salient behaviors and messages to girls' self-esteem, sport competence, enjoyment in sport, and ultimately intention to continue playing.
One stigma that is associated with accommodations that is will cause a lack of drive and ambition, thus causing a person to become motivationally challenged.
However, some of his behaviors suggest psychiatric and motivationally driven or manipulative etiology.
They were motivationally more approach oriented than avoidance minded, as expected.
He derived 10 universal and motivationally distinct types of values (Power, Achievement, Hedonism, Stimulation, Self-direction, Universalism, Benevolence, Tradition, Conformity, and Security) and an integrated structure that results from the conflicts and congruities among all the values.
Leazes said that city and state officials motivationally used the monkeys' escape to rally efforts to economically revitalize Providence.
In addition, the instructor and the primary researcher determined in previous iterations that more than four ethical case analyses in a non-ethics course were overly laborious for students and motivationally problematic.