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In psychology, the aggregate of all the individual motives, needs, and drives operative in a person at any given moment that influence the will and cause a given behavior.
[ML. motivus, moving]
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Vox populi The drive to perform a task. See Neuromuscular motivation, Positive motivation.
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Psychological force that moves a person to act to meet a need or achieve a goal.
See also: motive
[ML. motivus, moving]
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the internal state of an animal prior to a specific behavioural act.
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Aggregate of all individual motives, needs, and drives operative in a person at any given moment that influence the will and cause a given behavior.
[ML. motivus, moving]
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Patient discussion about motivation

Q. How do you motivate yourself to exercise? I have a problem- I can easily get myself to go to work and other strenuous things, but when I need to get myself out for some exercise, which is only for me, I don’t find the energy for that. Does anyone have any tips how to encourage myself?

A. Try to change to an exercise you enjoy. You can also exercise with a friend, and the commitment to him may give you another push. Another option is to join a regular exercise program in a gym. Good luck!

Q. How to get my motivation back? Hi, I’m 22 years old girl, and since high school I’m 132 pounds stretched over 5’2’’. About two years ago, when I started college I gained another 20 pounds, that made me understand I’m overweight, and then I started a diet – mainly thinking before I eat something. I already lost those extra pounds, an I wish to lose another 10 pounds, but I feel I lost my motivation to restrict myself. Suddenly I find myself eating way too much, which makes me down, which makes me eat again… Any advice?

A. If you feel a craving for food, you can try to go to sleep – it helps me.
Good luck!

Q. What benefits have you recieved from nutrition and fitness What step did you take to begin and stay motivated perticularly if you were depressed and/or addicted

A. Today, after working in the gym for more than a year, I feel much better, I have a anew interest that challenges me and sets goals for me every time, and also let me find new people with this common interest. Of course, I look much better now, and it really improves my feeling and general well being.

If you suffer from depression or addiction, exercise may help you, although consulting a professional, as before starting any exercise program may be necessary.

Take care,

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