motion segment

mo·tion seg·ment

(mō'shŭn seg'mĕnt)
A functional unit made up of two adjacent articulating surfaces and the connecting tissues binding them together.
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Bahrain-based Kawthar Adnan will run a workshop on the fundamentals of animation in the Still Motion segment.
Nonetheless, to the authors' knowledge, none of previous reports from the literature have explored the effect of LBP on compressive force and shear force of every lumbar motion segment unit (MSU) during ADLs such as trunk flexion and picking up.
Also known as facet joint syndrome, osteoarthritis is one of the main causes of chronic back pain and describes the degeneration of the motion segment in the spine, which leads to chronic inflammation and pain.
And the most common injury diagnosis for the minor impact soft tissue spinal injury is Alteration of Motion Segment Integrity or AOMSI.
Motion segment cultures allow for preservation of the native IVD structure, and adjacent vertebral bodies facilitate the application and control of mechanical loads.
These values were all well under 4.0cm, the vertical height of a typical lumbar vertebra (21), suggesting the examiners agreed on average in identifying the most-fixated level, or at least the motion segment containing it.
The CT scan data was used to generate a three- dimensional Finite Element model of the motion segment that had a two vertebra interspaced between the intervertebral disc along with the initial disc bulge [4] using CAD software.
Another biomechanical evaluation of an interspinous stabilizing device called a "locker" indicates that such a locker shows a significant stabilizing effect on the spinal motion segment both in the intact and destabilized spine, without any significant effect on adjacent segments (8).
Surgical stabilization of the C1-C2 motion segment is usually achieved through posterior fixation (Figure 4), but can be achieved via a single anterior odontoid screw if the dens fracture is isolated (Figure 5).
The ideal patient has chronic low back pain that can be isolated to a single motion segment (of the spine) that has failed a reasonable course of conservative treatment."
The move mirrors ABB's divisional strategy of growing its technology platform and solutions offering in the global and regional rail market, Ulrich Spiesshofer, head of the company's discrete automation and motion segment, commented.
After a cyclic compression-conditioning period (500 N [+ or -] 150 N, at 1 Hz, for 1000 cycles), the motion segment was biomechanically tested according to the following loading sequence.