motion activation

mo·tion ac·ti·va·tion

(mōshŭn akti-vāshŭn)
Moving the dental instrument to produce an instrumentation stroke on the tooth surface.
See also: wrist motion activation, digital motion activation
Medical Dictionary for the Dental Professions © Farlex 2012
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Future Music Oregon, a composition and performance ensemble in the music school's Intermedia Music Technology Center also received several awards for its original compositions created with digital sound design software and various coding and motion activation devices.
The portable Model 14-1 is the first product of its kind to offer a comprehensive list of features in one integrated solution, including electronic ignition, a programmable timer, solar charging, radio and motion activation capabilities, and a collapsible tripod.
Still remaining, though, will be street lighting used for pedestrian purposes, and even there, pathway lighting may become the preferred choice, with advanced controls that will be governed by motion activation. Imagine looking eight blocks down the street and seeing lighted sections of sidewalks in use.
It can be programmed for recording at a specified time, for motion detection, or to automatically e-mail a notification to the user upon motion activation.
Time between motion activation can also be programmed 1-60 minutes.
The camera, programmable from 1 to 59 minutes between motion activations, includes a 32mb built-in memory and a 12V auxiliary power jack.