mother tincture

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mother tincture

A concentrate of a raw material used in homeopathy, which is prepared by placing it in alcohol and distilled water for one month, followed by pressing and filtering.

Mother tincture

The first stage in the preparation of a homeopathic remedy, made by soaking a plant, animal, or mineral product in a solution of alcohol.

mother tincture,

n in homeopathy or herbalism, any of a number of strained solutions of organic or mineral substances in alcohol or water.
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Varying these parameters, several mother tinctures can be prepared and their potencies can be raised.
This paper presents results of studies carried out by researchers at the Amala Cancer Research Centre in Kerala, India, on the cytotoxic effects of a range of homoeopathic mother tinctures and potencies on various types of cancer cells grown in tissue culture.
We import our mother tinctures from Europe, where each plant is grown organically," Boisvert explains.
At the top of the staircase, Oksanna pointed out the water filtration system and then several "clean hoods" under which homeopathic mother tinctures are added to lactose pellets.